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Jason Godfrey

A natural storyteller, Jason has typed his way through different mediums, including a novel, before finding his way to screenwriting 7 years ago. Since then, the multi-hyphenate has worked extensively on everything from children’s shows to psychological thrillers and romantic comedies, and his 25-year international career lends an easy, worldly sophistication to his stories. Passionate, intuitive and articulate, Jason’s stories are filled with many of the same qualities he exudes: excitement, introspection and a good dose of humour. 

Selected Screenwriting Credits: Veil, What in the World, The Bellatrix Rise, The Cheaters App, How to Train Your Hooman, After Love, Mixed Signals.

Praise for Catwalk Fail:

‘This is a smart book, Jason is a writer with a good ear, this is ballsy and funny and tongue-in-cheek and nicely satirical.’

-Peter Blackstock, Grove Atlantic


‘Godfrey brings a sense of wonderful humor filled humanity.’

-Indie Reader


‘A saucy and ultimately heartwarming tale set in the cutthroat world of high stakes modelling.’

-Kirkus Reviews


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